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Teacher AppreciationAbbott Elementary : Season ...

I'm not even a Sixers fan but they're having an amazing season, I would absolutely start an alliance with my fellow second floor teachers for tickets. I totally get why the teachers were rolling their eyes about Teacher Appreciation Week, but their cheap gifts given to them by students really were cute.

Teacher AppreciationAbbott Elementary : Season ...

The best part of teacher appreciation day is the little givers with their shy sweet faces. My family member is an elementary public school teacher, and he has received key chains, homemade bookmarks, cologne, and a pocket dictionary. One memorable year he received a box of Band-Aids because he had cut himself shaving (from a tiny first-grader who clearly put some thought into it).

On Rotten Tomatoes, the season has received an approval rating of 100% with an average rating of 9 out of 10, based on 11 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, "Class is back in session and the plucky teachers of Abbott Elementary remain an absolute delight, with creator/star Quinta Brunson's savvy and sweet sensibility honed to perfection."[73] Meanwhile, Metacritic has reported an average rating of 90 out of 100, based on eight reviews, indicating "universal acclaim".[74]

So far this season, the teachers have encountered a multitude of one-off antics, from a juice mishap that spelled disaster, to an intense reading competition, and more. There have also been a couple major threads recurring throughout the season and the show in general. Most recently, Janine and Gregory (Tyler James Williams) -- a couple many viewers have been waiting to happen -- kissed during a teachers' conference. They attribute it to being drunk and caught in the moment, but things were more awkward between them afterward. It was also what ultimately pushed Janine to break up with Maurice (Vince Staples).

The other main challenge facing Abbott is the looming threat of becoming a charter school. The issue first popped up early in the season after the school was on the receiving end of an attack ad thanks to Legendary Charter Schools. Since then, Legendary has been eyeing Abbott as its next charter. Even with the school's flaws, last week's episode continued to reiterate the detrimental impact becoming a charter would have on the teachers, and, more importantly, the students. So, Ava, Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), and Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) resolved to push back.

Afterpremiering in December 2021, many fans across the US loved the first season ofAbbott Elementary. Based on the lives of Philadelphia school teachers, it isone of the sitcoms that received the highest rating.

When the district gives Abbott two courtside tickets to a 76ers game, the teachers must decide who deserves them. Later, Janine invites the teachers to her house for game night and her sister, Ayesha, comes to visit. s02e18 218 2.18 s2e18 abbot elementary episode ( season 2, episode 18 ) 041b061a72


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