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One impression I got from reading your article was that Tamil is rooted in anthropomorphic creation mythology and that the evolution or first coming of the Supreme is the creation/ birth of the world, that is birth of the god uma.

I was reading P.O.V's comment on his comment on Kamba Ramayanam. When I started studying Ramayanam, I was very sceptical about it, as nowadays very books on Ramayanam talk about Tamilaramayanam. I could not understand why, unless someone writes it from the view point of Vaishnavites.But what I found from P.O.V was that he was able to give a better perception to it, as it is true that he is a Vaishanavanite.So, pardon me if I am going a bit off the topic, and trying to find chemistry between P.O.V's comment about Ramayanam and your article on Kamba Ramayanam?

My next question for you is that I would like to know what words you use to describe Tamil/ Sanskrit word(s), and why you use them.From what I understand, Tamil has a few phonetic similarities with Sanskrit, hence this is what people use to conform that there are few words in Tamil which are derived from Sanskrit (though this is not correct).But what words do you use to specify them? I mean, Tamil and Sanskrit are very similar languages, so why do you use them for each other or not use one word for both? d2c66b5586


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