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Windows 7: Adobe Acrobat Now At 9.3.1 |VERIFIED|

Hi,acrobate reader was installed on my system and worked, but not properly: it was not shown on the windows software list.I uninstalled it - but it looks like certain parts are still somewhere.When I try to install it, it says "error - already installed". I run win 7 pro 64 bit, and have xp mode. On xp-mode, the reader 9.4 is installed and works. But I cannot install (or re-install) it for windows 7. Is there a way to donload an install it - besides to download it from adobe? Thank youAschi

Windows 7: Adobe Acrobat Now At 9.3.1

I have tried the link in this article -patch-acrobat-reader-7.html and it is taking me to the adobe enterprise site to log in. I keep getting a message to update adobe pro 9.0 but on the next page it only goes up to pro 8.0 to select as your current product which of course my serial number is for 9.0 not 8.0. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am running Windows 10.


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