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the materials for fabricating and testing our microfluidic thermometer are all available from the american institute of bioscience and biotechnology (a.i.b.) and are all listed in 30. we employed a variety of microfluidic thermometers, so we recommend that you read the fabrication and operation sections of this article carefully, rather than using trial and error methods to find your own set-up. note that we have not simulated the effects of melt-crystallization or storage on the freezing point of the mixture of water and ice. we recommend carrying out measurements of samples stored at various temperatures to determine the difference in freezing temperatures with and without storage. to demonstrate how our method performs on a common exercise, we measured the freezing point of a mixture of water and powdered sugar at various volumes.

as fig 1 shows, this 3d printed chip has access holes on the bottom that permit the inlet and outlet tubes and fluid connections (blue connectors) to be inserted while the device is sealed on all sides. we loaded the s1 file for this article onto the chip and placed it in a fume hood to cure. we then attached the chip to a slide and carefully placed the chip and tubing in an environmental chamber (spectros, spectronics corporation, il) so that the sample fluid and plastic tubing connections did not contact the chip. the temperature of the environmental chamber was carefully calibrated. we plugged the chip with more tubing and placed it in a temperature-controlled chamber and carefully measured the change in volume of the fluid and change in temperature. we used a digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the unknown solution, attached to a long piece of plastic tubing so that it was outside of the environmental chamber (figure 1). the temperature of the unknown solution was systematically lowered from 20c to -20c and back again. after each temperature change, we extracted the chips, plugged the inlets with plastic tubing, placed the chip back in the environmental chamber, and measured the change in volume. 3d9ccd7d82


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