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M.G.L c. 111 s. 237 authorizes the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) to assemble and maintain data systems necessary to collect, record, and analyze data and population health trends, prioritizing the analyses of fatal and nonfatal opioid overdoses. In addition, the Commissioner may identify and determine additional priorities for the reduction of morbidity and mortality in the Commonwealth.

M G L Contact Fatal

The Office of Population Health (OPH) operationalizes the PHD by leveraging public and private partnerships to identify and answer key policy questions using this unique data asset. OPH disseminates timely and actionable information to policymakers and program planners to target measures to address the Department's public health priorities, with an initial focus on fatal and non-fatal opiate overdoses.

Pedestrians are highly vulnerable to fatal injuries in car accidents and need immediate medical care. As a driver, you have a legal responsibility to stay on the scene of an accident involving personal injury under Massachusetts law. 041b061a72


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