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A Perfect Day (2015)


A Perfect Day (2015) feels very authentic, but it's more a illustration of a war situation then a fully developed story. Worth a look for the fine performances in it, but I wished there was more to it then this.

As with all character-driven films, this one is less about what happens and more about what it is like to be there. The characters are built with re-purposed M.A.S.H. traits that are likeable, funny and plausible, and the acting is top-class. There are no glory hounds in the group and each has their own coping strengths and emotional foibles. The director orchestrates the characters and sub-stories with perfect tempo to produce a story that is totally engaging if not gripping. You might wonder how a group of loosely disciplined and unaccountable workers can roam freely across a war-ravaged country, or whether the final scene is actually a political statement about their true value. If so, the film has made its mark on you.

Ormeño/Alkhovic and Dulski/Coone kept things close, but CU came out on top, 6-3. Daniel and Andrinopoulos also pulled out the win over the Oliver/LeBlanc duo, 6-4, to cap off a perfect Sunday at the Colorado Invitational.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are taking a little time to relax. The couple donned swimsuits and lounged together on Friday in Cabo San Lucas. Diane also gave us a peek at the getaway on Instagram, where she shared a "shameless selfie from the most perfect day" and a glimpse of "paradise." The hot couple has clearly been getting loved up all Summer long: Diane shared a bunch of vacation snaps from another trip back in May, and the two weren't shy about showing some serious PDA in NYC back in July. Keep reading to see the snaps from their latest outing, then allow us to explain why you must start following Diane on Instagram stat. 59ce067264


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