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How I Met Your Father - Season 2Eps1

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How I Met Your Father - Season 2Eps1

This section of the episode has a great nightmare feel: everything's going fine as a costume party hosted by Clarkson and her husband is winding down (turns out it's their anniversary, not Halloween) when suddenly she becomes an eye witness to a horrific murder, finds herself incapable of communicating what she saw to her husband, and - against all logic - is placed under the power of the killer, who subdues her with a ridiculously large syringe. The casting of Richard Thomas as the evil doctor two episodes after featuring Harry Anderson made me wonder if they picked up all the actors from the It miniseries for this season. (It premiered in November of the same year.) Thomas's lascivious creepiness and deep voice that doesn't quite match his gaunt frame and greasy mane (he's like Brad Dourif with Paul Dooley's voice) lend extra malice to lines like, "You may unclench your nervous knees - I have no interest in defiling you! We try to keep that sort of thing to a minimum here at Long Hill." Once he's got Clarkson alone in a padded room (aided by Rose Weaver as a nurse who doesn't fucking blink), you're right there with her - desperate to get out and get away from this sick bastard. 59ce067264


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