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Overland Tape Library Default Admin Password

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How to Access and Manage Overland Tape Library with Default Admin Password

Overland tape library is a product line of tape storage devices that offer high capacity, reliability and security for data backup and archiving. Overland tape library comes in different models and configurations, such as NEO S-Series, NEO XL-Series and NEO Agility. Each model has its own features and specifications, but they all share some common components and functions.

One of the common components of Overland tape library is the remote management interface (RMI), which allows users to access and manage the tape library from a web browser. The RMI provides various functions, such as monitoring the status and performance of the tape library, configuring the settings and options, updating the firmware, running diagnostics and troubleshooting. The RMI also allows users to perform tape operations, such as loading, unloading, inventorying, cleaning and formatting tapes.

To access the RMI, users need to know the IP address or host name of the tape library, as well as the login credentials. The default login credentials for Overland tape library are:

Access type: admin

Password: adm001

Users can change the password and other settings after logging in to the RMI. However, if users forget the password or lose access to the RMI, they can reset the password by following these steps:

Power off the tape library.

Press and hold the reset button on the back panel of the tape library for 10 seconds.

Power on the tape library.

Wait for the tape library to initialize.

Access the RMI using the default login credentials.

Change the password and other settings as desired.

For more information about Overland tape library and its RMI, users can refer to the user manual or service manual of their specific model[^1^] [^2^]. Users can also contact Overland Tandberg technical support for assistance[^4^].In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits and features of Overland tape library and why it is a good choice for data protection and archive. We will also compare Overland tape library with other tape storage solutions and show how it can meet the needs and challenges of different industries and applications.

Benefits and Features of Overland Tape Library

Overland tape library offers many benefits and features that make it a reliable, secure and cost-effective solution for data protection and archive. Some of these benefits and features are:

High capacity: Overland tape library can store up to 15 PB of data in a single unit, depending on the model and configuration. This allows users to store more data in less space and reduce the number of tapes and devices needed.

High performance: Overland tape library can transfer data at speeds up to 300 MB/s per drive, depending on the model and configuration. This allows users to backup and restore data faster and meet their service level agreements.

High compatibility: Overland tape library supports various tape formats, such as LTO, SDLT and DLT. It also supports various interfaces, such as SAS, FC and SCSI. This allows users to integrate Overland tape library with their existing infrastructure and applications.

High scalability: Overland tape library can expand its capacity and performance by adding more drives, modules or units, depending on the model and configuration. This allows users to grow their storage as their data grows.

High availability: Overland tape library has redundant components, such as power supplies, fans and controllers, that ensure continuous operation and prevent data loss. It also has hot-swappable components, such as drives, modules and tapes, that allow easy maintenance and replacement without downtime.

High security: Overland tape library has various security features, such as encryption, key management, access control and audit logs, that protect data from unauthorized access and tampering. It also has various error correction features, such as CRC, ECC and WORM, that ensure data integr


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