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Htc One S Grey Buy

The One S also stands out with its medium-grey anodized aluminum case that is both very attractive and easy to grip. Over time, I expect the aluminum to hold up better than the plastic on many other Android phones, as well as the all-too-fragile glass back on the iPhone 4S.

htc one s grey buy


The HTC One V is at the bottom of HTC's new three-handset One range, with the slender HTC One S and flagship HTC One X sitting above it. Though not as highly specified as its larger siblings, the HTC One V is just as polished. The grey metal unibody casing looks and feels fantastic, with simple lines and a matt finish. There are colour-matched rubberised areas around the camera and the rear of the chin, and the visible buttons and ports are simple and functional. This is simply one of the most desirable looking phones available at any price.

You'll find a fingerprint sensor on the front of both devices and they both come in four colours. The HTC One A9 comes in red, gold, grey and silver while the Apple iPhone 6S comes in rose gold, gold, silver and grey.

Now this is where the One S is truly the "one" for design, build quality and "perceived quality". The "S" has a uni body chassis made of Aluminium, which is then treated to Micro Arc Oxidation, this is essentially treating the aluminium case to a plasma bath and 10000 volts is then passed through, which means that it is carbonized, which in return gives a very nice matte finish and a ceramic feel to the case, this apparently increases the durability a lot as well (I am not willing to test the durability out though :p). The MAO process is only for the black model though, the gray model is anodized Aluminium, you have medium and dark shades of grey.

The Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator is almost an exact replica of the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculator used by sighted students, except the Orion has an additional "add-on" component consisting of11 additional keys located above the calculator's display screen. The keys on the Orion are fairly easy to distinguish by touch, with variation from convex to concave for quick recognition. For even more tactile discernment a nib could be added to the 5 key on the number pad. The background and text of the keys vary in color, including white, black, grey, blue, and green. Some of these background/text pairings result in a high contrast scheme, such as the black text used on the white keys of the number pad, but others (like the blue text used to designate the second functions of keys), are more difficult to see. The text size used for the keys ranges from 7- to 12- point.

HTC plánuje svoju novinku ponúkať v troch farebných verziách: meteor grey, gold sepia a rose gold. Predaj predbežne odštartuje len na čínskom trhu, informácie o globálnej dostupnosti či cenách nie sú známe. Na tému upozornili či . 041b061a72


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