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Wic Reset Key Serial Number


Wic Reset Key Serial Number

The only thing youll be able to reset when the printer is off is the toner levels. NOTE: If the service alert message is still displayed even after youre done using WIC, then its possible to recover the serial number by using the following guide.

Using the Maintenance Reset Utility Pre-requisites: This will NOT reset the serial number. 1. Navigate to the Maintenance Menu on the printer driver by clicking on Start All Programs Maintenance

Recommended procedures: Once the printer is up and running, you can follow these official instructions to reset the service alert and service repair process . This method is available to Windows users (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP) as a one-time option while customers determine the best next steps for repairs.

So, the real value of the serial number won't be shown in any of the reports, but it will be used to control how often the new serial number is calculated. So, if the value is 9999 then the next_serial value will always be 9999. If the value is 30 then the next_serial value will be set to 1.

The next_serial value will be stored in the Defaults table as a tinyint, in order to store the last_serial value to its decimal place, as the history table currently only stores the serial number with 2 decimal places (ie. 30 means 0.30).

If a copy of the EIO card that was built into the computer was to be obtained, or if a spare EIO card was available, then the steps to establish the serial number and register the last_serial number would be followed. 3d9ccd7d82


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